Western Fjords recognized by Lonely Planet
the second most interesting place to visit in 2016.


Vigur Island


Puffins, arctic terns, common guillemots and common eiders attract the eye like a magnet here and all these birds are present on Vigur Island in large amounts. Vigur is definitely the island of the birds.

Puffin is often called the penguin of the north. It is rather clumsy but attracts people with its beautiful red beak used to transport small fish for nestlings.

Arctic terns are quite opposite to the friendly people living on the island.

Common eiders nest in close proximity to people, visitors to the island and locals eager to feed the chicks of these ducks.

On Vigur you will find the smallest post office in Iceland as well as windmills and beautifully renovated houses.

Arctic Fox Center


The Artic Fox Center was established in Súðavík in 2007.

It houses an exhibition focusing on educating material about biology and history of the arctic foxes as a species, about the war that has been waged between the man and the arctic fox, since the early settlement of humans in Iceland (1100 years), about fox hunting as the oldest paid operation in Iceland.

Drangajökull Glacier


Drangajökull Glacier is located in north-western part of the Westfjords. It covers the area of 199 square kilometres at an altitude of up to 925 m (3,035 ft).  It is the only Icelandic glacier which lies entirely below an altitude of 1000 meters and also the only one that has not shrunk in recent years.

Dynjandi Waterfall


One of the main tourist attractions in the Westfjords.  It is a series of waterfalls that have a cumulative height of 100 meters (330 ft). Its peculiar shape resembles a bell and is absolutely breathtaking.

Sea angling in Súðavík


In a small harbour in Súðavík you can rent a fishing boat with an experienced fisherman who will take you on an unforgettable fishing in the open ocean. You will have a chance to catch an Atlantic cod which can reach a length of up to 2 meters.



The city is the capital of the region with 3,5 thousand inhabitants.  Despite a small number of residents traveling around the Westfjords you will find it to be a metropolis. Entering the town you will admire the location of the city itself, which in part is located on the water. Ísafjörður is surrounded on three sides by tall mountains, which give the village an amazing atmosphere. One of the attractions is the airport where the final approach is among the most challenging in Iceland. It is also a good idea to do some shopping here before you hit the road again.



Hornstrandir is a nature reserve located in the north-eastern part of the Westfjords. It is a marvellous destination for trekking lovers. You can get there with a ferry from Ísafjörður which has several stops on the peninsula. The region is not inhabited and that gives you an opportunity to experience the wild nature, admire beautiful landscapes and watch many species of animals in their natural environment. One of the big attractions is an old deserted American second world war military base located on a high cliff.